Saturday, April 17, 2010

Strange Bloomers

Last year I was attempting to make something for Clayton out of a kitchen towel. I love making little dresses and tops for girls, but for boys, the possibilities are fewer. I made some aprons out of the towels that boys can use for sure, but tried to design something for a boy. I came up with these weird bloomers (without the ribbon and flower) that were quite large for Clay months ago and now they are just not going to work because he's too mature... ha ha. They fit him, don't get me wrong, but look stupid. Okay, they may still look pretty strange after I added the ribbons and flower, but I needed to fill up a box I am sending to Olivia and Drake... Hopefully, their mom, Sarah, my sister.... will at least give them a try for Olivia. With a white top underneath, she could pull it off.

I had the bright ribbon from my scrap collection (thrifted, as well) and I used leftover yarn and ribbon to make the flower/medallion. The flower came out pretty large, so ended up using it the middle instead of like a large pin on the chest as I originally planned. I think the bloomers are cute, but it seems like my tastes don't seem to fit with too many others. Oh, well. I may continue with the medallion idea for future projects.

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