Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Newest Jewelry

These are my latest fused glass jewelry. I made most of them a couple of months ago. I can't seem to find the time to put them up on my Etsy shop, but I won't be home in Colorado for most of the summer, so it would be difficult to get them to buyers. I don't know if I could trust my husband to take over. He's busy, too. Anyway, I did sell the top three sets last week, so that was nice. I have a devoted customer in Syracuse. Once I start creating more in Aug. or Sept, I hope she will buy some more.

Gimme your old jeans!

I'm almost done with my recycled jeans kitchen mat. I have 6 pairs of jeans already into it and the last pair is in the ball next to Cezanne. I'll hide and trim the ends and then I will replace the disgusting, Walmart mat we currently have.

I cut the seams off the pants to reveal as much material as I could (4 panels). Then I cut up and down, turning around at each end. I made a long chain and used single crochet back and forth. Pretty easy. One thing that was annoying was the fact that the "yarn" would get twisted and I had to keep untwisting it as I crocheted.

I'll finish tonight and will present my results tomorrow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kimono PJ's and an Appliqued Dino

Check out my latest sewing project!
I managed to finish the pj shorts I was planning for Clayton. I bought the fabric originally to make him a banner for his birthday. I bought a little extra, but I wasn't sure what I would make out of it. I revisited my kimonos thinking about summer pajamas for my boy. The ties/trim were some bias tape I bought at the thrift store. I used a thrifted pattern for the shorts and cut out the pieces last week. Being the airhead that I can be sometimes, I didn't realize they included pockets (not really important for pj's), so when I went to sew them today, I had to cut the pockets out of an old t-shirt. Plus, I used my serger for the first time! I did pretty well, and now I'm motivated to take it to more adventurous projects. Oh, I used the blind hem stitch for the first time using my regular machine. Stay tuned for some more pj's and a robe, too. (I've started them.)

The dinosaur shirt was a 75cent find at the thrift store. I added the applique. You can see a pretty lame tutorial I did for them here. Fun! And, they're great for covering up spots on your kid's clothing.

Also posted at Thrifty Garde Robe.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yummy, yummy!

I made a yummy bread pudding last night!

Things I Can't Wait for in NY

  1. Seeing my family
  2. Hiking in the Adirondacks
  3. Hanging out on the beach at Piseco Lake
  4. Going to Jazz Fest if we're not on our way to IL
  5. Getting my haircut by Erika
  6. Sewing projects with my mom
  7. Mowing the lawn
  8. Playing outside with Clayton
  9. Taking Clayton to the beach
  10. Getting a Job, teaching again
  11. Looking for a house and getting one
  12. The cross country reunion
  13. Running down the dirt road like I used to do regularly
  14. Seeing my friends again
  15. Going back to Geneseo and visiting Letchworth
  16. Picnics
  17. Visiting NYC for museums and shows
    and I can't think of anymore right now