Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love and Hate

Clayton Loves:
Paper of any kind, Magazines
Anything on the floor, they all seem to taste good
Green beans, Peas, Bananas, Squash, Sweet potatoes,Applesauce, Mixed veggies, Breast milk
Falling asleep in your arms
Peekaboo, especially with lots of diapers piled on him
Showers with mommy
Books (eating them)
Listening to stories
Cezanne, the handsome kitty
Sisters Mady and Aly
Getting around in his walker (no chance of falling down stairs, we use a gate)
Crawling around on the kitchen floor
Crawling in the grass
Riding in the Jeep stroller while mommy and/or daddy runs
Being carried in the backpack
Investigating/ Exploring (a future in law enforcement or anthropology?)
Tags- on clothes, appliances,

Clayton Hates:
Getting his faced washed after solid food
Vitamins, although some days are not a problem

Handmade Beaded Jewelry

I finally got around to making some of my own beads into jewelry. Last summer I took a glass bead making class and a PMC class (silver clay). The first pair are my own glass beads, but the rest of the glass beads on the jewelry are not mine. I did make the silver beads on all of the other ones. I can't wait to wear them. I thought about selling them on Etsy, but nothing is selling there, and I'd rather keep them.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dr. Visit

Clayton went for his 6 month checkup on Monday although he was about 7 months old. He got behind with shots because of our move from Maryland. Anyway, he's 16.5 pounds and 28 inches long. I was a little surprised when the doctor said that feeding him solids is fine, but his primary nutrition should be breastmilk or formula. He said the baby food has little nutrition and especially not the rice cereal. He should have 8oz. 6 times a day. That seems like a lot. Then, I was on somebody's website that said if the food is eliminated looking the same way it went in, it really isn't being digested. I still don't know if that's the truth, but I am breastfeeding him more and yesterday, didn't even give him solids. I found this article;115/2/496 that gives some good information. #10 under RECOMMENDATIONS ON BREASTFEEDING FOR HEALTHY TERM INFANTS is what I'm trying to understand. I guess I will still give him a bit of solid food, but try to make it myself to make sure it doesn't have fillers and has a lot of nutrition. This article sure makes store bought baby food, sound pretty worthless:

Friday, August 22, 2008


Clayton has another tooth coming in, so he woke us up 5 times last night. Orajel and Tylenol may not be helping...

Nudie Baby

Clayton sometimes takes a bath/shower with me. The master bath only has a shower, so I put him in his baby tub and run the shower. He loves it. After this bath he was crawing all round the bathroom. Look at that cute butt!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This past weekend we went to the Folks Festival in Lyons, CO. We got there late in the day on Friday, but it was pouring rain, so we ended up leaving early and didn't get to see all of Amos Lee's set. The next day it rained for part of the day and then cleared up. Sunday was very nice. Luckily, I had purchased rain boots at good old Walmart and they were perfect! Clayton was a good baby and lots of people made him smile. I really liked Tim O'Brien and The Waifs. They were new to me. The only band that we weren't too impressed with was The Great Lake Swimmers. The Mountain Goats, a one man band, was certainly strange, but very interesting.
We got to meet my parents' friends' son, Harry! He's a nice guy and hopefully, we'll get together again.
When we got back home we got a package from my mom with some baby clothes in it. Mom's friend, Betty made a great blanket and a gorgeous sweater for Clayton. Here he is posing. Right after I photographed him, he was crawling around and managed to get his arm out of the sleeve. ??

Friday, August 15, 2008

Crawling and New Tooth on the Same Day

Here's another stuffed animal I made and the onesie I decorated.

Clayton was really fussy the night before last and it may have been because we noticed his first tooth coming in. Yesterday he was sort of crawling because he made it across the room, but it's mostly with arm work and sliding on his belly. That night we found his tooth popping out! Pretty neat.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clayton's First Solid Foods

Here's the footage of Clayton's first solid food ever! He did a great job.

Not his favorite at first try, but he'll eat them now without a problem.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Monster

I made the stuffed animal and the applique on the onesie. How do you spell onsie?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Art for Sale

I opened a shop on It's called Artsy Fartsy Boutique
I don't have a lot on there to sell yet, but I have watercolors, block prints, more stuffed animals and lots more jewelry to add. Check it out! Here's a sample of what I am selling.

Fuzzy Monsters

Here are my latest fuzzy monsters. The first one is Clayton's and 2 of the others are spoken for, but the other ones are available at my new shop called Artsy Fartsy Boutique at The last one isn't quite finished. It needs to be stuffed and have some stitching added. I have more colors of fuzzy fabric to work with, so I will add more when I get done with some of my other artistic endeavors.

We went hiking on the base. There's a network of trails here, but you do have to compete with the mountain bikers.

Playing peekaboo

Clayton loves it when I pile diapers on him. He pulls them off his face and I keep throwing them back on.

Mommy hardly ever gets to be in photos because I'm always taking them. I decided to take some photos of the two of us and Clay was a bit surprised there was another cute baby in our house.

Clay was obsessed with the tags underneath the swing. They were really upsetting him. Maybe he wanted to remove them. He had every right, he is the owner of that swing.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hello Kitty

Clayton is becoming friendly with Cezanne. He watches him intently and smiles at him, too. Even when breast feeding that cat can distract Clay.