Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This past weekend we went to the Folks Festival in Lyons, CO. We got there late in the day on Friday, but it was pouring rain, so we ended up leaving early and didn't get to see all of Amos Lee's set. The next day it rained for part of the day and then cleared up. Sunday was very nice. Luckily, I had purchased rain boots at good old Walmart and they were perfect! Clayton was a good baby and lots of people made him smile. I really liked Tim O'Brien and The Waifs. They were new to me. The only band that we weren't too impressed with was The Great Lake Swimmers. The Mountain Goats, a one man band, was certainly strange, but very interesting.
We got to meet my parents' friends' son, Harry! He's a nice guy and hopefully, we'll get together again.
When we got back home we got a package from my mom with some baby clothes in it. Mom's friend, Betty made a great blanket and a gorgeous sweater for Clayton. Here he is posing. Right after I photographed him, he was crawling around and managed to get his arm out of the sleeve. ??

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