Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love and Hate

Clayton Loves:
Paper of any kind, Magazines
Anything on the floor, they all seem to taste good
Green beans, Peas, Bananas, Squash, Sweet potatoes,Applesauce, Mixed veggies, Breast milk
Falling asleep in your arms
Peekaboo, especially with lots of diapers piled on him
Showers with mommy
Books (eating them)
Listening to stories
Cezanne, the handsome kitty
Sisters Mady and Aly
Getting around in his walker (no chance of falling down stairs, we use a gate)
Crawling around on the kitchen floor
Crawling in the grass
Riding in the Jeep stroller while mommy and/or daddy runs
Being carried in the backpack
Investigating/ Exploring (a future in law enforcement or anthropology?)
Tags- on clothes, appliances,

Clayton Hates:
Getting his faced washed after solid food
Vitamins, although some days are not a problem

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K8E said...

hey Mrs. Thomas. Clayton is really cute. We all started school last Tuesday. Can you believe we're in eighth grade??
I like the new title of your blog.