Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crochet nesting bowls

I made these from wool yarn and have already felted them. I just need to photograph the final product. Check by again!

Zoo Visit and more

Matt is letting his hair grow as you can tell. I realized, today, that he must be going for the Vinnie Barbarino look: (think among yourselves.... don't forget to look later in the post for another striking example)

Clayton put this puzzle together ALL by himself. We are missing a few pieces, but they're around here somewhere.

Easter Eggs- a really late post

a picture I neglected to put in the Easter Day post

Recycled Leather Bracelets

Delia from Delia Creates had a terrific post of recycled accessories. I took her cue and went crazy. I have probably 10 more in the works using old buttons. I gave away a couple, but hope to sell some at a craft show this summer.

Easter Crafts-- Thanks Alisa Burke

I really enjoy reading/admiring/lusting after/coveting/ Alisa Burke's blog and when I saw her post showing how to make these scrappy eggs, I had to try it. I ended up giving several away, so I should make some more for MYSELF!

I couldn't resist Alisa's post where she demonstrated making a wreath like this:

Easter (another late post)

Get used to it. I have a bunch of photos to share that are kinda old...

On Easter day we went up to my parents' place. Brandt and Kim came and we had a ham Matt baked (w/ some yummy cherry something or other sauce), some spicy scalloped potatoes, corn pudding, green beans, Matt's homemade rolls...