Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Machine Sewn Quilt Cards

I made some quilted cards out of fabric scraps. I'm working on several more. It's really easy and fun.
1)I stitch the pieces together,
2)iron them flat,
3)trace a rectangle template onto the wrong side,
4)cut out roughly,
5)then sew all around 2 layers of organic, washed baby wipes (my batting) to the back of the rectangle,
6)cut excess off all layers at about 1/4 inch from the stitch line, trim corners
7)slice a hole in the middle of the "batting,
8)turn inside out, poke corners out carefully,
9)finger press flat,
10)position onto card stock, pin in one or 2 places if you desire (I didn't)
11)sew around edge and keep going inside shape to give quilting effect, overlapping at edge when you want to move to another area
12)and trim threads.

If you have questions, please let me know. I don't know when I'll have the time to add photos.

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