Monday, February 1, 2010

Hats Still Available

a) 0-6 months (tiny) , fits 36cm head circumference.

b) 0-6 months (tiny) , fits 38cm head circumference.

c) Adult, head circumference of 22 inches

1) 6-12 months, fits a 46 cm head circumference. 2) 0-6 months, fits a 38 cm head circumference. Another one with orange eyes available, too.

3) 6-12 months, fits a 42 cm head circumference.

Others still available pictured here:
If you are interested in a hat, please let me know. I can make them to order. I am working on some slightly different features, too. I will add these to my Etsy. com site, soon, but you can buy from me before then if you can't wait.
Baby sizes 0-12 months are $8
Kids and Adult sizes are $10

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