Sunday, February 7, 2010

Felt Monster Valentine Tutorial


Paper glue

Tacky Glue

Index card

Fabric scissors

Paper scissors

Blank notecard or just card stock cut into a rectangle and folded into a card

Felt scraps

Sewing machine

White thread

Buttons, bows… other embellishments

Squeezable black fabric paint


1) Fold your index card in half. (I cut mine down a bit because my blank card was small.)

2) Draw ½ of the monster on one side of the index card.

3) Cut out the monster.

4) Trace your monster shape onto felt.

5) Use small dabs of glue on the back of your monster. Turn over and press down onto the card stock.

6) Sew around the monster using a zig zag stitch.

7) Trim off thread ends. You can knot them first if you have the time.

8) Add some embellishments such as a bow or a heart shape.

9 Add button eyes using tacky glue

10) Cut out felt teeth and glue down.

11) Draw a mouth with the fabric paint.

12) Let dry.

13) Sign in pencil.

14) Write your own message inside and send to your valentine. You could use, "You're Mine....You just don't know it yet" or "Love Bites" for a more cynical approach.

Neato, a neat blog called Felt-o-rama linked to this tutorial. My favorite, Craftzine blog also featured it. I am so excited. Crafty Mishmash is highlighting my tutorial, too. You can also find it at Cut Out + Keep where I added it. It was "featured" on Instructables today, Feb. 12th, 2010. It was included on Totally Tutorials, too. Another artist was inspired by my tute: Altered Artifacts


Felt-o-rama said...

Your tutorial is just TOO cute! I've included a link to you on my blog :)

ElegantSnobbery said...

Oh!! Those are the cutest things I've ever seen!!

luluvillage said...

Very cute, and very creative!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

These are the cutest Valentines ever! I wish I'd seen them.... oh, two weeks ago! I made homemade monster valentine cards for my son, but they are just hand-drawn. Not near as cute as these felt guys (and girls)!

Carrie said...

just adorable!

Georg said...

Awesome! Thanks

Beth H said...

These are so adorable, Tamara! Nice work & great tutorial. I featured it on my blog:

Angie - said...

Love it! Come link your cute tute at my party: Thursday's Treasures!!

kristen said...

super cute! great tute! thanks for sharing!

Coretta of corettadeesign said...

i just love your monsters. I want to put one in my closet!

Angie - said...

Thank you for sharing your awesome project at Thursday’s Treasures last week! Come share your crafty projects in this week’s Thursday’s Treasures too!

Heidi said...

I just stumbled upon this cute craft! I posted it on my blog, I thought You may be able to use digital stamps in the same way or for inspiration when you are cutting out characters! I can't wait to try these!

Bonequinhos de Pano said...

Hi Tamara,
Could I use this tutorial on my blog? I would translate to Portuguese and obviously link you back.
Let me know.
Thank you!

Tamara Thomas said...

Of course you can link. I am sorry it took so long to respond. I haven't been keeping track of comments.