Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Clayton is growing so fast. He even started using crayons!! He can drink from a sippy cup all by himself.

His favorites:
bananas (still)
cheerios (actually toasted oats or tasty o's generic versions)
tossing cheerios on the ground
bongo and a ball
pens from the drawer
a zip lock bag of highlighters
mommy and daddy food
giving and receiving hugs
putting his head on your lap or shoulder
Cezanne, the cat- he puts his head on him, too
Looking in daddy's medicine cabinet
opening drawers and dumping out it's contents
taking a new print out of the printer and handing it to mommy
smiling with a squint
walking with the help of mom or dad
escaping from mom and zipping down the hall
playing in toilet
playing in the cat's water dish
pulling toilet paper off the role
zipping around the grocery store in the cart
crawling up and down stairs

His dislikes:
when we try to make him drink when he doesn't want to

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