Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Recycled t-shirt top/dress

I just love the blog Lil Blue Boo and I finally purchased a couple of patterns. I made my first toddler top for Olivia. I used 2 thrift store shirts and one of mine. I tried it on Clayton, but didn't manage to get a photo of him. Ha, ha.

My next project will be a hoodie for Clayton. Stay tuned.

Today, I went to the thrift shop...again. I ended up with at least 30lbs. of fabric for $3.75. I am planning a jacket with the lavender denim. Who knows what for the rest. There is so much! I got something like 6 big t-shirts for more Lil Blue Boo designs. 3 pairs of awesome shoes for $10.50. The last pair need some shining up, but the others are barely worn. Matt can't say I'm wearing "man" shoes when I where those. They're cute! A woman can never have too many shoes. Especially ones so cheap. Smart me.

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