Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pj Refashion with Crochet Accents

I realized Clayton's sweatshirt PJ jumper was too short. I cut off the bottom and created this adorable sweatshirt today. Olivia is a lucky girl!

The original pajamas.

Cut off legs.

Cut off sleeves.

Trace a circle at the neck.

Cut off neck.

Use the circle to create a template for the pockets. Trace onto a leg.

Cut out pockets.

Sew a blanket stitch around all cut openings. (I think this is the most difficult step.)

Knot the end.

Trim ends. For the pockets I just went ahead and sewed the crochet down to the sweater when I sewed on the pockets (to prevent unraveling).

For the other areas I dabbed a bit of fabric glue on the knot. I didn't think I could hide the ends adequately and prevent unraveling.

This picture shows the stitching of the pocket. I pinned it down, sewed the straight stitch first, and then the zigzag stitch.

I made some easy flowers.
I cut some small leaves from the leg, marked the placement for flowers and sewed them on.