Monday, September 28, 2009

Stanley Canyon

We went on a lovely hike yesterday to Stanley Canyon that begins on the Academy. It was a warm day and we went later in the day because we slept in. (Van Morrison concert the night before.) The trail took us through the canyon up to a nice secluded reservoir hidden on top of Rampart range. We followed a creek with some waterfalls. It leveled out through a nice forest and meadows until we reached the reservoir. We stirred up some Fool's gold (pyrite) in the sand. Luckily, Matt carried Clayton in the back pack. He's too heavy for me anymore.

I love the first photo!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Van Morrison Song List! Woo Hoo!

Northern Muse (Solid Ground) by Van Morrison on Beautiful Vision

This love of mine by (Parker / Sanicola / Sinatra) from Magic Time

Fair Play from Veedon Fleece

Foreign Window from No Guru, No Method, No Teacher

The Mystery from Poetic Champions Compose

Queen Of The Slipstream from Poetic Champions Compose

It's All in The Game from Into the Music --- was a 1958 hit for Tommy Edwards. Carl Sigman composed the lyrics in 1951 to a wordless 1911 composition entitled "Melody in A Major," written by Charles Dawes, later Vice President of the United States under Calvin Coolidge. It is the only #1 pop single to have been cowritten by a U.S. Vice President.

n The Garden Lyrics from No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
Little Village from Still on Top
Moondance from Moondance
Help Me by by Sonny Boy Williamson II , Ralph Bass and Willie Dixon from Too Late To Stop Now 1974
Philosopher’s Stone from Back on Top
And The Healing Has Begun from Into The Music
Gloria by Them in 1964 as the B-side of "Baby, Please Don't Go"

Friday, September 25, 2009

Block Prints: Dogs

Here are my latest dog prints (one blank note cards). I love them, but I have only sold maybe 3 at the farmer's markets. I have plans to put them up on my site. I have one more dog and a cat in my collection already. I have a pug ready to print, I just need more hours in the day.

Cute Monster Purses

Here are my latest creations. I finally when out to Home Depot or should I say, The Home Depot, and got some plastic tubing for handles. I think I should have put more beads and glitter in. If the handles were bracelets instead of handles the amount would be fine. I used mouthwash as the liquid thinking that it wouldn't mold because of the alcohol content. I hope the attaching, larger plastic tube pieces stay glued. Anyway, I think a little girl would love it.

Art Smocks and Switch Outs for Shirts

I made several switch outs for 2 of my monster shirts. The kids can put away the other switch outs in the pockets I added. I may add them to other shirts depending on what people think.
I finished 3 art smocks from kitchen towels

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Goofy Monster Backpack Commission

Here is my latest bag I did on commission. I think it came out pretty well. I hope it's recipient likes it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine

Clayton enjoyed his "day out with Thomas". He's big into trains these days. The weather was quite threatening, but we managed to avoid rain.
Clayton imitating a buffalo.

The Round House
A Plow.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm insane

I picked up a SH__ load of fruits and veggies yesterday. What am I going to do with all of this? Well, tonight I'm going to cook Mediterranean green beans and steam the artichokes. I may make a peach crisp or just have smoothies for dessert. Tuna fish sandwiches would make things easy. I have several recipes marked off to try, but we think a crock pot stew of some sort would be fun. The other day I made some peach/blackberry jam. Yesterday I glued down stones and broken china for 2 mosaic stepping stones. They depict dogs. I need to use up my supplies, so I don't have to move this stuff next week. I basically ripped off another artist's designs. I hope I don't get in trouble. Copying is the greatest form of flattery isn't it?

Purse Happy

Here are some of my latest attempts at making purses. I altered the idea from The Object Project for the purses and I have a new plan for the handles that should be really cool and maybe even make the purses easier to sew. The pink monster purse is lined. The top purse is a strange one with a block print of mine. I have plans for some zippered pouches with my prints on them, too. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pear Pie for dessert?

Check out this pear pie I made yesterday.... from scratch, of course. It is yummy! Squash fritters, grilled tuna with peach salsa, and Matt's baba ghonoush for dinner. I grilled his eggplant outside in the rain, turning them every 5 minutes. That was fun actually.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Progress and Bummer

I made several back packs this week in anticipation for a craft show this weekend. I tried 4 times to download that top back pack and it finally worked. I'm not sure I will get to participate because I haven't gotten any further information from the organizer. If not, I will be showing at the Monument Farmer's Market. I made some fused glass monsters, too, but I have to wait until the bails are dry before they are ready to sell or photograph. They'll be ready in time for the show. There are a couple of pics of my last show display. Near the en of that show my earring display fell to the ground due to the wind. A couple of my pendants broke, so I decided to redo all of the cards for display and make repairs on the shutter display. My tent isn't long for this world. It's starting to bend on 2 legs.
Then, this morning I awoke to a windy day. I went outside and realized that we left the umbrella up last night. The wind took the table and sent it flying. The glass table top broke into a million pieces. The kiddie pool's 2nd ring is popped. (the top one never stayed inflated from the start.) I'm having a bit of a bummer day today.