Friday, September 11, 2009

Progress and Bummer

I made several back packs this week in anticipation for a craft show this weekend. I tried 4 times to download that top back pack and it finally worked. I'm not sure I will get to participate because I haven't gotten any further information from the organizer. If not, I will be showing at the Monument Farmer's Market. I made some fused glass monsters, too, but I have to wait until the bails are dry before they are ready to sell or photograph. They'll be ready in time for the show. There are a couple of pics of my last show display. Near the en of that show my earring display fell to the ground due to the wind. A couple of my pendants broke, so I decided to redo all of the cards for display and make repairs on the shutter display. My tent isn't long for this world. It's starting to bend on 2 legs.
Then, this morning I awoke to a windy day. I went outside and realized that we left the umbrella up last night. The wind took the table and sent it flying. The glass table top broke into a million pieces. The kiddie pool's 2nd ring is popped. (the top one never stayed inflated from the start.) I'm having a bit of a bummer day today.

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