Saturday, October 3, 2009

Farmer's Market additions

Newest purses:

New onesies:

The patches/hats are interchangeable and are stored in the pocket.

I think I sold the purple purse today. I forgot to keep track of the color. The Elmo was a commission that I actually couldn't give to my client today. The velcro (or should I say "hook and loop") was coming off the patches. I am going to try another method of attaching the velcro. -------This blogspot is not letting me upload every photo I want to.-------- I have to keep going in and selecting the same photos again and again. This has been happening for my last several posts. It's making this too time consuming!

1 comment:

TT said...

OMGosh....I love the little yellow monster with the hair bow. They are all ADORABlE but the hair bow really made me giggle. Tamara these are GREAT!