Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Laundry Helper and Trash Picker

I carried Clay from the dryer to the living room in a bin full of clean clothes. He loves to throw everything out of the hamper anyways, so he had fun being IN the basket, too. His hair got a little crazy.
Later that day I was working in the kitchen and found a pancake I had left on the counter from breakfast. It was dried out, so I threw it in the trash. Next thing I knew, Clayton was eating it. He must have seen me throw it out and went in to retrieve it. Geesh!

Craft Show at the Air Force Academy

I had another craft show last weekend and did better than my last one. I was still disappointed and think the economy is keeping people from buying. I hope it's not because my work is stinky. I have plans to make some more monster onesies and even some toddler shirts. People seemed to like those. Oh, I put the painting of the dahlia behind the table to show off my 3rd prize at the Air Force Base contest. I won a 1st place trophy for a fused glass beaded necklace and earrings I made. I have to pull those out and photograph them for the site, too. The lighting wasn't great, so I am thinking about getting some battery operated lights for venues that are not well lit or don't have electric power available.
P.S.- I did pretty well with sales when my mom took some jewelry to her work. Thanks, all you nurses!
Well, I need to get going on 2 pies for tomorrow and I didn't exercise yet! Matt will want to use the kitchen when he gets back from running with a friend. He's making eggplant parmesean. I planned on making it, but he volunteered so, I'm all for it. And he may make homemade rolls for tomorrow, too.

Recent move list

Good things about the house

1-Two showers, neat drains (pic to come)

2-Double sinks in the master bathroom

3- Huge bedroom, but not really enough to fill it, too bad we don’t have a king size bed

4- Microwave over the stove

5- Gas stove, with an easy clean up surface

6- Studio upstairs with lots of light

7- Huge basement, room for a workout spot

8- Strange carpeted closet off the living room- making it into our cd and album collection and various books and games, misc. Cooking ware like roaster pan, wok, and pressure cooker. It also doubles for a play room where I can put up a gate and keep the little monster from escaping

9- One car garage with garage door opener (that’s a first)

10- When you are sitting in the living room you can’t see neighbors, just the hill and the mountain behind.

11-First floor laundry hookup with cabinets.

Things that suck about our new house

1-Lights by front door and on garage outdoors: bright enough for landing planes to go by. These lights and ones from the neighbor and the parking lot light up the house inside. There’s barely a need for lights inside. It kind of looks like lights from an alien landing.

2-No room for a car to park in the driveway

3-Strange neighbor who doesn’t say “hi” when you say “hi” to her

4-Matt had to add lighting to the laundry closet.

5-No bathroom downstairs where Clayton sleeps and it makes it inconvenient to dump and rinse poopy diapers.

6-The telephone wires weren't ready for service and Matt had to drill his own hole. The maintenance man came 2 minutes later and drilled one without knocking on our door. He drilled it in the wrong spot and then just drove away.

7-The hallway stairs light isn't working and we can't replace the bulb because it's too high. It's a little dangerous at night if you want to get to the baby.

8-Same as the last house, you can't attach the Direct TV dish to the house, so Matt had to move his contraption he made for the other place. He filled a bin with Quickcrete to hold up a pole. This time he dug a hole to set it in because even though it weighed a ton, the wind would move it and we would lose HD channels. Poor us. :)

Visit to Grandparents

Clayton and I went home to New York to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hallock. They were missing him a lot and wanted to see how he changed since the end of May. We got to see other family, as well. I wish I had taken more pictures and not missed some of them (Erika, Pam, Kim, Stu, and Corey).
Clayton had a challenge in getting down the step to the living room at my parents' house. He crawled face first off it a couple of times and then started to turn around to get down it after I showed him several times. What a smarty!
He sure loves to remove the contents of drawers away and at home.

Family Resemblance

at almost 10 months
Matt (Daddy)We're not sure how old he was in the first picture, but he's 4 months old in the second picture.

Tamara (Mommy) , we think, at 10 months. One pic was marked June 1968, but the other one said 8 months.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend fun

Yesterday, we went to the Denver aquarium and then visited Aunt Joyce and Uncle Tom. We went out to eat at a restaurant called Venice and it was excellent. Clayton behaved well and even munched on some delicious bread.


Clay was dressed as a bunny for Halloween.
I dressed as the Joker nurse from the Dark Knight. Clayton was scared of me for a few minutes and started crying.