Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recent move list

Good things about the house

1-Two showers, neat drains (pic to come)

2-Double sinks in the master bathroom

3- Huge bedroom, but not really enough to fill it, too bad we don’t have a king size bed

4- Microwave over the stove

5- Gas stove, with an easy clean up surface

6- Studio upstairs with lots of light

7- Huge basement, room for a workout spot

8- Strange carpeted closet off the living room- making it into our cd and album collection and various books and games, misc. Cooking ware like roaster pan, wok, and pressure cooker. It also doubles for a play room where I can put up a gate and keep the little monster from escaping

9- One car garage with garage door opener (that’s a first)

10- When you are sitting in the living room you can’t see neighbors, just the hill and the mountain behind.

11-First floor laundry hookup with cabinets.

Things that suck about our new house

1-Lights by front door and on garage outdoors: bright enough for landing planes to go by. These lights and ones from the neighbor and the parking lot light up the house inside. There’s barely a need for lights inside. It kind of looks like lights from an alien landing.

2-No room for a car to park in the driveway

3-Strange neighbor who doesn’t say “hi” when you say “hi” to her

4-Matt had to add lighting to the laundry closet.

5-No bathroom downstairs where Clayton sleeps and it makes it inconvenient to dump and rinse poopy diapers.

6-The telephone wires weren't ready for service and Matt had to drill his own hole. The maintenance man came 2 minutes later and drilled one without knocking on our door. He drilled it in the wrong spot and then just drove away.

7-The hallway stairs light isn't working and we can't replace the bulb because it's too high. It's a little dangerous at night if you want to get to the baby.

8-Same as the last house, you can't attach the Direct TV dish to the house, so Matt had to move his contraption he made for the other place. He filled a bin with Quickcrete to hold up a pole. This time he dug a hole to set it in because even though it weighed a ton, the wind would move it and we would lose HD channels. Poor us. :)

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