Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Craft Show at the Air Force Academy

I had another craft show last weekend and did better than my last one. I was still disappointed and think the economy is keeping people from buying. I hope it's not because my work is stinky. I have plans to make some more monster onesies and even some toddler shirts. People seemed to like those. Oh, I put the painting of the dahlia behind the table to show off my 3rd prize at the Air Force Base contest. I won a 1st place trophy for a fused glass beaded necklace and earrings I made. I have to pull those out and photograph them for the site, too. The lighting wasn't great, so I am thinking about getting some battery operated lights for venues that are not well lit or don't have electric power available.
P.S.- I did pretty well with sales when my mom took some jewelry to her work. Thanks, all you nurses!
Well, I need to get going on 2 pies for tomorrow and I didn't exercise yet! Matt will want to use the kitchen when he gets back from running with a friend. He's making eggplant parmesean. I planned on making it, but he volunteered so, I'm all for it. And he may make homemade rolls for tomorrow, too.

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