Thursday, November 30, 2006

This is my cutie pie kitty , Cezanne. I got him from the pound and he's been driving me crazy "every" since, but I love him. His coloring reminds me of Paul Cezanne's landscapes even though I love his stilllifes so much more. He's softer than any cat you'll pet . He loves to hunt, but now with our city setting he has to stay inside, much to his chagrine. He's been injured too many times and I fear for his life. He's a vocal cat who has to be sent to the basement bathroom at night or else he'll jum p on the bed and wake you up with his loud meows.


Artemis said...

you have a cute cat.

Artemis said...

There is a typo in this post. You typed jump like this:

jum p

Artemis said...

I have some ideas for your blog,

1. Change the backround.
2. Name your posts.
3. Let people who are not memebers of Blogger leave comments.
4. Write more about your way cool 6th graders!!!
5. Update it more.

When you named your blog, did you want us to give you suggestions for your blog?

Artemis said...

Or did you name ypur blog Any Ideas because you needed ideas on a name for your blog??

I'm confused.

Artemis said...