Thursday, November 30, 2006

Starting a blog

I just canceled my website, because I wasn't using it to it's fullest capacity and I was basically wasting my money. I figure I'll give this a try. Share photos for friends and family to see. I can show off my latest art work, craft or house project. Right now my camera is broken, so I'll have to hold off showing the progress on the kitchen. (the camera may have broken at the school trip to Camp Letts where I was photographing the students creating artwork in the style of Andy Goldworthy. It was pouring rain and the kids just kept creating. They came out great.) If I can find a photo I will show off some of the kids' work. Well, all I could find quickly was one from last year.


Artemis said...

Hey Mrs. Thomas! LOVE the blog!
C U in class!!!!

Your favorite 6th grade student,

katie :-) said...

You should put our artwork in this post! This is an outrage! How could you put YOURS but not OURS?

KaTiE ;-) said...

I went to Camp Letts. We went canoeing in the rain. It was still fun, even though after the trip I got poisen ivy on my face.

Guess Who? said...

How much did your old website cost?

Plus, if you go on your Teacher Web page and go to your contacts page where it says, if you click on it, it will lead you to another website called Tamara that I'm hoping is not yours.