Monday, August 12, 2013

Steely Dan, Botanical Gardens

Okay, so last night was the Steel Dan concert.  Seats were general admission, so I got there early so I would have a decent spot.  I ended up making friends with my neighbors to either side.  The gentleman in the 4th pic from the bottom, Brad, took the photos.  The rules for the show said that we weren't allowed to take pictures, so I attempted some photos with my phone, but they were horrendous.  Anyway, Brad let me have copies.  Both times he photographed me, I looked like an idiot because he didn't warn me.  
The show was fantastic!  I ended up spotting someone that I kinda knew, Brett, and we hung out during most of the show, going up to the front to dance a couple of times.  He held my hand getting up there, which I really enjoyed.  Anyway, the musicians were phenomenal!  Catherine Russell, a solo blues/jazz artist was one of 3 back up singers.  Mom and Dad introduced me to her a few years back and she is amazing.
 (I made my dress-  I will post pics of that another time... if I get around to it.)

 I saw Steely Dan perform a few years ago in Denver and was extremely disappointed.  I must have been sitting in a pocket of crap because I could barely hear Donald Fagen over the instruments.  Tonight was a million times better and I had so much fun!

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Laura Zlatos said...

Awesome, Tam! Glad you had a great time...