Friday, July 24, 2009

Some of Yellowstone

Check out the buffalo who was actually laying there rolling around when I first came upon this spot. I wonder if the "soil" has some toxic properties that do anything to his coat.

Devil's cave, I think it was called. It emitted a growl which was pretty neat. All of the pools and gyesers stunk to high heaven of sulfur.

A volcanic mud

This and several above: Yellowstone Lake
On the way out of the West exit of the park, in the Shoshone National Forest:

Some reservoir.
Coming towards Casper, WY.

Here are some of my photos from Yellowstone. The rest are on another computer, so it may be a few days before I can post them.
Animals I saw:
1 Yellow Bellied Marmot
3 Black Bear
1 Grizzly bear
Too many Bison to count
8 white pelicans
1 Moose
1 coyote
1 fox
Lots of elk- probably the same ones hanging out on the lawn at Mammoth Springs
Too many Prong Horn Antelopes to count

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