Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here are my latest creations

Yesterday, Clayton and I went thrift shopping. He needed another pair of shoes and I wanted to see if I could find an interesting method of displaying my cards at the craft shows. I ended up with a couple of baskets (which may be used for jewelry sets instead), a goofy laundry hanging device, and a suitcase. I also happened upon a bag of fabric scraps. I used some to make a Kufi (type) hat for Clayton. He looked so cute when I put mine on him I decided to form a pattern by examining my hat. I don't have it perfected yet, but it came out pretty well. I'm pleased. The black fabric is from a pair of Matt's old pants he thought he threw away.
I recently finished a bunch of baby shoes. I like the sole because I used some left over home decorating fabric. On the back it's sort of rubbery and would be great for traction.


Also, I never photographed a couple of my knot bags. The sun is not shining today, so all of these aren't the greatest in quality.

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