Sunday, December 14, 2008


So, along with setting up the house after our move, I am working on projects, as usual.
I got most of the Christmas cards filled out and ready to mail. I managed to get a couple of pretty good pics of Clayton and an okay one of the three of us. I am cataloging my jewelry and slowly adding it the my Etsy site. (see bulletin on the right and see what's for sale) I'm going to hang curtains and I hung a lot of paintings today. I am getting together some paper projects to do on Christmas eve in Denver. I want to make some crocheted mini sweater in the Christmas theme as ornaments something like these and the one pictured here by Marci Senders. I think I could make something cuter with some accents such as lace, ribbon, buttons...I will post pictures if I get to them. I have started Clayton's stocking:
I would love to make some baby booties and shoes for Clayton and Sarah's twins. I have several patterns and they don't look too difficult. I planned to make some glass slide Christmas ornaments, too. Here are some examples from
I was thinking about embellishing a boring coat with felt that I'll make, beads, buttons... Here is a nice dressy coat from Vintage Threads, but I want to be more colorful and crazy. I have a drab gray base for the coat, so I'm sure I will include white, magenta and pink, at least.
Another task I must do is work on my blog labels and eliminate some. Notice the list to the right. It's a little to long and some of the labels are strange and aren't general enough to connect posts.

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