Friday, October 17, 2008

Cezanne and Clayton

Cezanne, our cat, went to the dentist and it was confirmed that he had horrible teeth. He had to have 6 extracted and the whole deal cost over $1300. Holy crap! I never thought I would spend that much money on a cat. I love him though, and he deserves to be pain free. I'll add a new pic of him soon, but you can see his back side on my last post. He's doing well. I pumped him with pain killers and he's acting pretty normal.

Clayton can't resist going under the desk to pull at all of the cords. He throws a fit when I take him out from under there. Clay is getting down from standing really well now. He likes to help load the dish washer and instead of scrubbing a dirty pot he used a new sponge for a teething toy.

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Gloria said...

OMG - that is an expensive Vet! We took in a stray two years ago and she had to have 14 teeth extracted. Our bill was less than two hundred for anesthesia, extractions and a cleaning!