Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Block Prints

Here are a few of my block prints. More to come!!


Rachael Kloster said...

these are really good! I had picked up a business card from your booth this summer 2009, am passing on your name to another artsy mom! Do you use linolium or actual wood? And where do you print? Do you have a press? Would love to talk more, I'm aspiring to be an artsy mom too!....i'm on Facebook, Rachael Kloster

. said...

Rachel, I just found this message and I'm sorry I never responded. I looked on Facebook and didn't know which Rachel you were. Maybe you'll read this comment and get back to me.
I did some more neat prints shown here:

I don't have a press. I use a baren or a wooden spoon to make the prints. Lots of fun!