Thursday, February 22, 2007

Home Renovation

Our dining room and kitchen are DONE! I can't show you the dining room now because it has a lot of the elements, okay, junk, from the living room in it because the living room is being rewired. First I will show some of the BEFORE pics and then you can see the AFTER shots. Matt did the electric, installed the cabinets, added the moulding... I did the wall treatment. Oh, I need to add a close up of that. Matt and I did the tiling. I am so glad it's done. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am.

I need to retake this picture without the flowers in the way of seeing the sink.
We're going to put a cover over the radiater. Matt's supposed to make it.

You can catch a glimpse of the "devil" cat. This morning I turned my back sitting at the table eating my egg and ham sandwich when Cezanne lifted my ham and took off with it. The other day he knocked a lidded pan of brownies off the counter, broke it in a hundred pieces, but managed to eat a portion of them.

Here is one of the doors in the house I refinished. It's not supposed to look perfect. It's from 1921, after all.
Here is the counter top. The photo isn't clear, so I'll replace it soon.

Let me know what you think. Add to my blog. :)


Artemis said...

why don't you let people who don't have a blog post comments?

Artemis said...


Tamara said...

I'll look into that. I thought people could post comments. I'm new to this blog thing. I'll work on it. Who are you artemis?

Anonymous said...

nice blog Tamara! LOVE, Dad

KATIE said...

Artemis is Katie, your old favorite 6th grade student who is now in 7th grade.
Mary Cat says hi.