Tuesday, July 29, 2008

6 month old Bears fan

Clayton turned 6 months old and started eating rice cereal. (movie to come)

Clayton received a neat Bears outfit from Grandma Thomas.

Renn Fest

We went to the Renaissance Festival near Colorado Springs. It was a nice festival, large.

Cliff Dwellings

On the same day as the Garden of the Gods, we went to some cliff dwellings. Pretty neat to see something I taught to my students. There are more vast examples in Southwest Colorado I would love to see.

Garden of the Gods

The day (a very hot day) we went to Garden of the Gods, my camera battery was low and I didn't take very many photos. I want to go again to get more photos.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mads Graduation Gift

I started a watercolor for Madeline before we came out to CO. I just finished in a couple of days ago. I used one of Madeline's photographs as reference.

First Try at Fused Glass

The pieces are a bit more vibrant in person. Mads and I had fun and will share our techniques with Zands. I'll order some supplies ASAP!

Yum Yum

Clayton is fond of munching on his toes. Zands was watching Clayton while Madeline and I were at a glass fusing workshop. Pics of my pieces will be next on the blog.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Say it, don't spray it, kid!

There is a horse farm on base where you can visit the horses, take lessons and trail ride. Clayton's a little young for trail riding, but maybe Matt and I can get the girls to babysit and then we'll switch. Notice the neat blue Adirondack chair my friends from MD gave Clayton. The girls put it together today.

Seven Falls

Here are some pics from our trip to Seven Falls. It was tiring and interesting to walk up something like 220 steps and see the waterfall. It was pretty steep. Clay went up on an elevator where we could see the falls.